Meet Our Team of Teachers

Hollie Senzig

I have been an educator with JEDI since 2014.  My teaching career began by me being inspired by my own high school business and marketing courses.  I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing Education at the University of Wisconsin – Stout.  I also obtained a minor in Business Administration and a minor in Information and Communication Technology.  I received my Master's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Project Management in 2013 from Lakeland College.   I have been teaching since 2010 at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.  I also have previous industry experience from being a software consultant for a financial and human resources software firm.  

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Cynthia Teal

As a young child, teachers were my idols! I wanted to be just like them. However, after studying business in high school, I developed a strong interest in business as well. Therefore, I decided to become a teacher of business--combining both of my passions!

My husband (a retired supervisory management teacher at Blackhawk Technical College) and I have two daughters, Katy (23) and Sarah (21). Katy is finishing her degree in School Social Work and Sarah is finishing her degree as a Medical Administrative Specialist. As a family, we enjoy RVing, having seen many, many places across the country. Personally, I enjoy scrap booking having created over 20 albums!

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Laura Masbruch

Teaching was the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do, and in choosing this career I followed in the footsteps of two of my older sisters. After growing up in the small town of Belmont, Wisconsin, I headed to UW-Oshkosh to earn my undergraduate degree. Over the last twenty plus years I have built the Whitewater High School computer science curriculum from the ground up. During that time I also created the Computer Concepts course offered through JEDI. Courses I have taught for JEDI include Web Design, Game Design, Visual Basic Programming, Programming in JAVA, and AP Computer Science. At Whitewater High School I’ve also developed a passion for Digital Electronics and Networking courses.

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  Jennifer Donahue

My name is Jennifer Donahue, and I love to teach English!  My main purpose is to assist young people in preparing for college, career, and citizenship by excelling in the ability to use our English language. I started teaching as a second career, after being a commercial insurance underwriter in Texas.  I have been teaching primarily 8th graders in a traditional school setting in SE Wisconsin since 2000.  I've also taught both younger and older students in summer school programs as well as Chinese students in an International Academy.  I'm proud of my three college educated children who've enjoyed opened career doors due to their ability to present themselves on paper and in person.

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 Anne Kuske

I have been teaching English, Speech, and Theater for 32 years.  I feel fortunate to have a career that I truly love.  My students' enthusiasm, kindness, and humor keep me young; my administrators and fellow staff inspire me to grow as a teacher and support me both professionally and personally, and my students' parents and guardians have been more than willing to work as partners in the education of their children.The brick and mortar courses I teach include AP English Literature & Composition, English 10 Honors, English 10, Speech, Human Communications 110 (a dual-credit course offered in cooperation with UW-Whitewater) and English 101 (another dual-credit course offered in cooperation with UW-Whitewater).

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Amanda Fadroski

Teaching at JEDI allows me to stay engaged in the world of literature and writing which are two of my life passions. Engagement and interaction with students at JEDI keeps my creative mind alive; it keeps me active in the art of teaching.  I believe all students can find success in the learning environment and awareness of individual strengths and talents is critical when helping learners find achieve their goals. Strong communication skills are vital in every aspect of life and that is why I continue to focus on helping students develop their literacy skills as they prepare for life after high school. In my free time, I enjoy gardening, fishing, reading, being outside, and spending time  with family.



 Laurie Peterson

I have been an educator since 1995. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Missouri, I relocated to Madison, Wisconsin. Here I have taught at the pre-kindergarten through early elementary levels. In addition to being a JEDI teacher, I also teach third grade at Edgewood Campus School in Madison, Wisconsin.

I became a teacher because of my love of children and my interest in child development.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to witness a child's growth socially, emotionally and academically.

I consider myself to be a enthusiastic teacher who uses humor to build relationships with students and families.

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Dawn Shelbourn

Education is my career choice because I want to create a positive, safe, stimulating and enriching learning environment which will provide learners at any level with a solid educational foundation to begin or continue their journey as life-long learners.  I have always enjoyed teaching and helping others succeed whether they are young children or adults.  My teaching experience has been at the technical college level, local elementary schools, and now in the online world. My favorite part about teaching is watching others understand new information or a new process.  It is exciting to see them as they go through the learning process and succeed.  

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ART (top)

 Cindy Hubred

I was born in a small farming community in upper Wisconsin in 1957. It was at the age of 27 with two children and two step-children, that I decided to go back to school and earn my teaching degree. I graduated in May of 1991 and had a job as a substitute teacher by June of that same year. It wasn’t long and I was a working full-time as a “Homebound Teacher”, and shortly after that I was the teacher that help get the T.A.T.E. Center in Janesville up and established. After 18 years I had taught just about everything, and worked with some of Janesville’s most talented and troubled students. I continued to work with my art privately, selling several pieces.

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  Jennifer Hammerly-Drascic

This is my first year teaching for Jedi, and I am thrilled for the opportunity. I will be teaching several social studies courses while working from home. My husband, John, and I just welcomed our first child - a boy named Christian! In addition from teaching from home this year, I will also be taking care of Christian. For the past 5 years, I have taught in the Whitewater Unified School District. My first three years in the district were at the high school teaching courses of Psychology, Sociology, Eastern Geography, Eastern Civilization, Global Connections, and Race, Prejudice & Intolerance. For the last two years, I taught U.S. History for 8th graders at Whitewater Middle School.

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Laura Malone

Welcome to Social Studies.  I am Laura Malone and I am the teacher for the course.  I have taught for JEDI for six years and really enjoy the online environment.  I was born in Appleton, WI but currently live in La Crosse, WI.  That is on the west side of the state on the Mississippi River.  When I am not teaching I work full-time at a hospital here in town.  I also am a HUGE Packer fan, I like to read and I have a boyfriend and dog that I love hanging out with. I have always wanted to be a teacher and always had a passion for history and government so this is a great match for me.  Although I know not everyone loves this topic, I hope you are able to find something that you enjoy and take away from the course.  I look forward to my time with you!

Nick Parker

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen I'm Nick Parker. I teach social studies. I know the term social studies is broad, but I can tell you I've taught just about all the different classes under the social studies umbrella. I've been teaching for 11 years in the brick and mortar classroom and for the past 5 online also. Teaching is something I am passionate about, as both my parents were teachers and I know the value of education and also the value of spending time with my family.

I am married and have two beautiful kids who definitely are my world. Aside from the family I am a football and baseball coach at the high school level.

I am a student centered teacher, student success is the most important thing in my classes. I look forward to having you in class :)


  Heather Harris

I graduated from Northland College with my bachelors degree in biology education in 2005 and earned my second bachelors in environmental science from University of Phoenix spring of 2015. I taught high school science classes online for four years before moving from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania in 2010. I've been an online learning coach with JEDI for almost 2 years and started teaching courses for JEDI summer of 2015. I have three cats and four kids, my son is 11 and my daughter is 8 and my two step-sons are 13 and 10 years old. I like learning new languages, watching anime, love cooking, all types of music and dancing, growing food, and all kinds of crafty hobbies.

   Amy Hermanson

I have been teaching for a long time now and the amazing thing is that I still love it- I really enjoy the students individual personalities, challenging myself to teach in new and different ways, and being a continuous student myself.  I specialize in working with students with exceptional educational needs and I have pursued a certification in alternative education to help me be a better teacher.

I also have a son of my own and we like to spend time outside.  We like to hike, kayak, swim, and bike. We have a new dog and she has a lot of energy so we also go for very long walks.  We also like to spend our time reading and our cat loves to sit in our laps as we read

Evangeline Stone

  Hello, my name is Evangeline Stone and I have been teaching at JEDI Virtual School since the 2011-2012 school-year. I currently teach AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Medicine, Great Minds in Science and Dual Credit Medical Terminology. Prior to teaching at JEDI, I taught Physics at Aldine Senior High School in Houston, Texas.  I graduated from UW-Oshkosh in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. I also have a degree from Fox Valley Technical College in Health Information Technology.

My interests are not restricted to science. I enjoy history, art, literature, camping, visiting museums and traveling. I love reading (fiction and nonfiction), knitting and going on walks with my Border Collie Cyrus.

Lisa Mertz

 I have been both a teacher and a clinical athletic trainer since 2009.  Shortly after starting my career at a brick and mortar school I began also teaching at JEDI.   My dual careers have helped me bring real world experience to the classroom and the online classroom.  I use my athletic training knowledge at a physical therapy clinic and high school providing medical coverage for sporting events and rehabilitating patients after surgery.  I enjoy many different aspects of my careers and feel that my health care experience makes me bring applicable relevance to my teaching.In February of 2015 my husband and I welcomed our first child, Madeline into our home.  She has been keeping us on our toes ever since and we love her to pieces.  

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Tony Tautges

I was born and raised in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin. I went to University of Wisconsin in 1980 to study Physics. I graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. I got married in 1987 to Kelly and started a teaching career in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After a couple of years up there, we moved to the Madison area and I started teaching in a little country school in Rio. After 7 years there, I started teaching in Whitewater, where I now reside. Along the way we had a couple of kids. Daughter Nicki ios now pursuing a PhD in Agronomy at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, and Andy is studying Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mary Taggart

  I teach English Honors 10, English 11, Speech, British Literature, and AP Language and Composition in brick and mortar, and Composition I, AP Language, Honors English II, and English I & II Honors for JEDI and APEX.  I earned both my BSE and MST from UW-Whitewater. In my "free" time I enjoy reading, cross stitching, traveling, going to movies, and spending time with my husband, Brian, and our golden retrievers, Lucy and Chance. If you have questions or need to set up an appointment, please call my office number and leave a message or email your request. I look forward to working with my virtual students and parents, and I hope you work hard and find success as a student of online education! Best wishes!

Jena Winder

I taught until the brick and mortar schools for 14 years, until I had my first child.  That's when I found JEDI. JEDI gives me the flexibility to be both a mom and teacher. I love being able to continue to work with students and also to find time to spend with my family. I have a daughter and son (both under 2 years old). I have a wonderful husband, named Travis. We are huge Packers fans.  In our free time, we enjoy camping, boating, hiking, and just spending time together. We love to spend time at Devil's Lake and other outdoor places around Wisconsin.  Personally, I enjoy running, reading, tutoring, swimming, and eating ice cream. My favorite is Ben and Jerry's "Cherry Garcia." :)


Ryan Petersen

Ryan Petersen grew up in Washington, D.C. and quickly fell in love with music and science during his childhood.  To explore these areas, he attended Lawrence University in Appleton, WI for undergraduate degrees in Music Education and Anthropology. Mr. Petersen completed his Masters Degree in Music from Boston University. He has been teaching in Deerfield, WI since 1998 and has been teaching with JEDI since 2003 (when classes were live still on live TV!).
Mr. Petersen quickly tripled the size of the instrumental music program at Deerfield Schools, and started successful Jazz and Marching program. Besides his role as a band director, Mr. Petersen also teaches two music technology classes, and both Archaeology and Anthropology classes.

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FACE (top)

Wendy Plehn

Wendy has worked in both the fields of human services and education.  She has served as a child care teacher, an individual and family therapist on a treatment team, a crisis pregnancy counselor, an international adoption social worker and a domestic violence and sexual assault victims advocate. She has taught in Poland, Colorado, and throughout Wisconsin.  Her primary passion is teaching high school Family & Consumer Science courses.  

Her passions include: reading, learning, gardening, traveling, teaching and finding any opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun, especially if it can be done near water.  In her personal time, she enjoys seeing the world through the perspective of her 5 year old twins.

MATH (top)


Lisa Smith

Helping and watching students grow through movement and physical activity is my passion. At the of age 10, I told my parents I wanted to be a PE teacher and I still am.  Currently I teach in Illinois,  K-12 PE at an alternative school where students with IEP's come to succeed. Seeing the students self esteem improve through activity is rewarding.  My other passion is coaching. At the high school level, I've coached volleyball, softball and basketball. Then coached basketball at the college level.  I enjoy playing with my dog Bella, traveling and hanging out with family and friends.  Jedi has been a very exciting experience for me.  We are all here, as a TEAM to help every student be successful.


Virginia (Ginny) Carroll

A little bit about me...I have been involved in online learning for about eight years (three with JEDI). In addition to teaching Math, I am also a Learning Coach for JEDI. My background, before teaching/coaching, is in engineering - something I also enjoyed, but wasn't quite as passionate about ;-)

I live in a small town in Montana with my husband, Jeff, and two daughters, Reese (9) and Sylvia (6). When I'm not plugged into my computer, I stay busy chasing the girls, running, skiing, doing yoga, drinking good coffee and orchestrating the controlled chaos of family life.

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Lauren Jensen

Lauren Jensen has over thirty years of classroom experience in both mathematics and music. She has two undergrad degrees in Instrumental Music and Mathematics Education with a minor in Computer Science. She holds a Masters degree in Professional Development. Lauren also has extensive experience with conducting professional development workshops and she is a Dana Carter International Fellow and a T3 National Instructor. Along with being a classroom teacher, she has written over 50 activities utilizing handheld technology and has co-authored several ancillaries. Her hobbies include travel and photography and she is actively performing in two jazz ensembles and a brass quintet throughout the community.

David Urness

Hello!  My name is Mr. David Urness, and I teach high school math at Wautoma High, located in Waushara County about 45 minutes west of Oshkosh.  I began my teaching career at that school in 2000 and have been there ever since.  I began to teach for the Jedi Virtual School in 2009 and gave taught numerous courses ever since, including AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB and BC, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus.  I have also taught numerous courses at Wautoma High School, ranging from Algebra Skills 1 to AP Calculus.  An interesting note about me: I was a music major at UW-Milwaukee, in addition to being a math major.  I enjoy swimming, hiking, playing my trumpet, and spending time with my dog.

Erich Utrie

I've served students in a variety of roles in my 24 years in education.  I currently teach 8th grade social studies, advise Investors' Club and serve as team leader at Jefferson Middle School.  This is my 10th year with JEDI; working at JEDI allows me to help students succeed academically in a flexible and interactive on-line environment.  I also serve as a Master Teacher for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  All of my work in education is directed towards students taking ownership over their learning and having fun.

I'm very blessed and thankful for my wife of 18 years and three daughters; none of my work would be possible without their support!


Heather Lawrence

Saludos. Me llamo Heather Lawrence y soy maestra de español. Además de trabajar para JEDI, trabajo en Brodhead, WI en Brodhead Elementary, Middle y High Schools. Soy maestra de español e inglés como segunda idioma (ESL). Me encanta ser maestra.  

Antes de trabajar como maestra, asistí a la Universidad de Wisconsin, Whitewater. Estudié  en Cuernavaca, Mexico por sies semanas y viví en La Republica Dominicana por un mes con una costurera. Nosotros viajamos por todo el pais, entonces vi mucho.

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Sarah Shea

Bonjour!  My name is Madame Shea.  I live in Janesville with my husband Cory, my 7 year old daughter Ella, and our crazy dog Max.  I am starting my 13th year teaching French in Janesville.  This is also my 6th year teaching online French through JEDI Virtual School.  My passion for French started when I traveled to France with my middle school French teacher.  I have loved everything about the French language and culture since then.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to live in Paris when I was younger, and I try to bring that experience into my classroom.  I am so glad you chose to open your world to French, and I hope you enjoy studying it as much as I do.

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